måndag 25 oktober 2010

Macro Monday

This week I give you a colorful macromotive
What it is ?!
I think you can try to guess at least for a while.
I think it´s rather easy :)

To see moore macros/close ups
at Lisa´s Chaos

Here comes the answer =
It´s a brush you use when you wash up the dishes :) 

12 kommentarer:

Marie sa...

Diskborsten kanske? Hur som helst, färggrannt och läckert!

Maaike sa...

a brush?
great macro

Kala sa...

It looks like a pink hairbrush!

B i r g i t t a sa...

Tänkte att det kanske finns tandborstar med rosa borst nu också ;)


Lisa Gordon sa...

This is beautiful!

Unknown sa...

I was going to guess a bottle brush, similar. :0) Great pink!

i stora drag sa...

Jag hade ju Rosabandetbakelse :) så jag förmodar att din fina makrobild är på en Rosabandetdiskborste! Vet att de hade det på Ica Maxi. Har jag rätt?

Bom sa...

I was going to say toothbrush. I knew they were bristles. The color is so cool!

Ninnibus sa...

Haha! Jag som var bombis på att det var en piasavakvast. Där ser man.

Anonym sa...

Wow, just spectacular!

Viola sa...

En soplime? (kost)

Du har satt inn magnge fine bilder under her også, har akkurat sett på dem nå.. :)

Anonym sa...

Thanks for commenting on my blog - and you have me laughing...I thought it was a close up of some bloom or cactus or something...who knew a brush could be so beautiful!