måndag 23 augusti 2010

Macro Monday - 100th

This is a souvenir stone with the GPS-coordinates for Halmstad
which is my hometown.
The town with Three Hearts :)
Curious about Halmstad ?
Souvenir sten som jag inte kunde motstå att köpa fastän jag är Halmstadbo :)
Nyfiken på Halmstad ?

And to celebrate Lisa´s 100th Macro Monday ,
here are 100 macaronis and 100 Swedish krona :)

To see moore Macros/Close ups
at Lisa´s Chaos

7 kommentarer:

Kala sa...

Lovely collage!

Anonym sa...

fun perspectives and compositions!

Carletta sa...

Love the stone - terrific souvenir idea!
Your macarones and krona are excellent macro 100 shots! I really like how the two images are displayed.

(Carletta's Captures)

MarieElizabeth sa...

Very fun!

Anonym sa...

Wonderful photos! A very nice concept!

Unknown sa...

Awesome! Great idea for 100s! I really love your stone, especially that it has the coords on it. :) And heart is my favorite shape. :)

Killara girl sa...

this was fun....i wish i read the rules closer this week, i didn't know it was supposed to be 100...great job!