onsdag 25 augusti 2010


Came across this meme when I visited a blog and thought it could be fun to participate :)
Since I jump in on the letter F
I hope that it is OK that I have made a photocollage
on A to E to show aswell as this wednesday letter F :)

and here comes this wednesday letter F = Flying
I succeded to take this picture in the precise moment
when the Swallow lift of our telephoneline :)
Hope I spell/express enough right for you to understand what I mean.
Don´t always check with google translater before I press
the Publish button :)

to visit ....

9 kommentarer:

Rumya sa...

Lovely Picture Collage!! :)

Nanka sa...

Loved the idea of catching up with the alphabets you missed. Lovely Collage.

Unknown sa...

Perfect! The flying one was hard to do I'm sure! I love the doll!

Unknown sa...

Nice mosaic and great capture of the bird.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 sa...

In Borneo, swallows stopover before they fly off. We often think they fly from Russia. Now I wonder if they fly from Sweden.

Thanks for visiting, I don't know exactly what the truck does, it says hydraulics and pumps, so may be a lot of pumps and pipes.

Welcome to ABC Wednesday, I been for one complete circle, and I really enjoy it.

mrsnesbitt sa...

What a great way to jump aboard the ABC Bus! Do hope you enjoy visiting the other blogs participating - such a great bunch of people.

Thanks again
Founder & ABC Team member.

Roger Owen Green sa...

I just hope that you are not letting the doll drive the Edsel. Not only does she not have a license, her legs do not even reach the pedals.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

RuneE sa...

Velkommen i "klubben"! :-)
Du gjør en sterk entré med så mange bokstaver på en gang. Min favoritt må være den "gode gamle Ford Edsel.

Unknown sa...

'Att flyga' är ett utmärkt val av F-ord. Oj, vilken vacker bild! Rätt ögonblick! Välkommen till ABC-Wed!
Hjärtliga hälsningar,
Anna's abcWed-F-words