måndag 21 juni 2010

Macro Monday

No new macropicture this monday , because it´s raining again :(
Beginning to get a little bit tired of the rainy and cool summer we have so far. I sure hope it´s getting better soon !!!

I found this little cute guy (or maybe it´s a girl) in my arcive
I know ! Not all of you will think he is cute :)

Look at his wings it´s almost as they are made of glass
all transparent. I think it´s cool :)

To watch some more macros/close ups att Lisas Chaos

10 kommentarer:

Joanne Olivieri sa...

Excellent macro, so well done and a great capture

Costea Andrea Mihai sa...

beautiful catch!!

Tina sa...

men gud va söt!! Vilka detaljer du fångar!!!
Hoppas du mår bra & att du får en fin Tisdag!
Varm kram Tina

Jess sa...

I love him! Fabulous wings.

Regina sa...

Pretty amazing.

Kala sa...

Great detail in that second macro. And we are getting tired of the rain also!

Unknown sa...

Very cool! I am so sick of rain too! Ready for some actual sunshine!

Dutchbaby sa...

Beautiful detail!

Jay sa...

Hoverflies are very cute - cool, too! Nice pics!

Magdalena sa...

Så söt en liten krabat jag gillar verkligen insekts bilder. jättefin bild.