måndag 3 januari 2011

Macro Monday #119

It´s really winter in Sweden right now.
This morning we had - 18 Celsius = BRRRR !!!
And I live in the southern parts :)
Apart from the cold it has been very beutiful today,
with the white snow and blue sky.

I know that this isn´t macros , but I think the sunset
was really beutiful this afternoon :)

Too watch some moore macros
at Lisa´s Chaos

11 kommentarer:

Kim, USA sa...

Wow I love your shots!! Very stunning! And your temp is -18C that is way too cold!! Keep warm and Happy New Year! Thanks for the visit!
Macro Monday

Martha Z sa...

I don't get the opportunity to see this kind of beauty but then I don't have to deal with such cold.
Thanks for letting me see it in the warmth of my home.

Christina, Sweden sa...

Kylan, frosten och snön gfer oss verkligen många vackra fotoobjekt. Mot den blå himlen blir de något alldeles extra

Unknown sa...

Tjusiga bilder!

Karen sa...

Gorgeous photos. The first four are amazing macros. The sunsets are pretty.
It's -11 here.

Kala sa...

That 4th image is STUNNING!

Tammie Lee sa...

these are all so pretty
lovely glimpses of winter ~

Gattina sa...

Gorgeous pictures ! I don't mind when it's cold and the sun is shining, but for the moment in Belgium it's cold and I don't even know anymore how the sun looks like, lol !

Nukke sa...

Härliga Vinterbilder !!!!

Gott Nytt År !

i stora drag sa...

Härliga vinterbilder, Camilla!
Speciellt den där lilla grenen som är full av frost! Och så frostrosorna så klart, det är fint det!
Jag blev trött på vintern idag, bara mulet och trist, så jag tittade bakåt istället...
Ha en skön kväll!

Dan sa...

You winter photographs are simply stunning! The lighting is superb. Bravo!


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