fredag 5 november 2010

Color Carnival #64

My colorful photos for this weeks
Color Carnival is on Toadstools again :)
I sorted my photos yesterday and
found this pictures in the wrong place.
And they sure are colorful so I made a little photomosaic.
Do you see that the first mushroom
 lookes like Pac-Man :)

To watch some moore colors
on Color Carnival

7 kommentarer:

mimmi sa...

Så himla fina de var och det var vackra färger i dom :) Du måste ha blivit blöt om dina knän för jag ser att du har varit långt nere på backen ;)
kram :)

Viola sa...

Wow!! For noen kjempenydelige bilder!! Og et vakkert collage! Det ser ut som den Pac-Man sitter og ler.. :)

Cecilia Artista sa...

Vackert, vackert men farligt, farligt!

Kranky Granny sa...

Wow! I have never seen such colorful mushrooms, except in story books for children.

Lucy Corrander sa...

So pleased to see these.

I too have an Amanita Muscaria as my entry for Colour Carnival!


Jama sa...

Gorgeous color! are these edible?

Kala sa...

Fabulous colors and depth of field in these collage images. Beautiful!