måndag 13 september 2010

Macro Monday / Ruby Tuesday - Apple Pie

Have been working the whole weekend so today I´m free from my job , but not free from work :)
Have been to the dump with a lot of junk and then I´ve
made some grocery shopping and when I got home
it was just to pack up everything I´ve bought and
put it on their right spot.
After that I made dinner and after that I made an Apple Pie ,
so now I´m tired again ;-)

So my shots this week is on the Apple Pie
I baked today.
I can tell you that it tasted real good together with icecream
and a cup of coffee :)

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at Lisa´s Chaos.

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at Ruby Tuesday

9 kommentarer:

Maaike sa...

what a jummie macro's

ormbunke sa...

Härligt när de svenska äpplena kommer och de serveras äpplepaj. Snyggt collage. Ha de gott. Anita

Chubskulit Rose sa...

I smell something good!

You are cordially invited to view my Ruby Tuesday at Nostalgic Marveling.

khaye sa...

so great shot yummy!!!

Auntie E sa...

Nice lens work. Loving the apple pictures.
My Ruby Link for you

Gattina sa...

I love appels and these once look so yummy !

Birgitta sa...

Härligt gott collage!

Carletta sa...

Apple pie, ice cream and coffee ... a wonderful trio of goodness. :)
I love apples cooking. The aroma is heavenly.
Nice shots!

Kala sa...

I love apple pie and these images make me hungry!