måndag 16 augusti 2010

Macro Monday

Guess what ?
My little friend have visited our kitchentable again !
This time he/she is checking out my waterglass ,
maybe he/she was thirsty ;-)

Since I know that most people don´t like
macrophotos on spiders ;-)
I also put in some pictures on a Hydrangea/Hortenzia :)

Almost forgot !
I have to show you my new at I bought today ;-)

I shall put it on my computerdesk :)
Think´s it suites a computergeek like me ;-)

To see moore macros/close ups
at Lisa´s Chaos

3 kommentarer:

Kala sa...

Wonderful details in the hyndrangea images.

Unknown sa...

I love your little visitor! He's so intriguing! I also love the color of the flowers!

Chesney sa...

Wow, your little critter is really unique...love how he appears to be almost metallic! Gorgeous blooms too! Have fun with your new toy! :)